Jib Arms

Jib Tek’s inventory is stocked with the most versatile jib arms in the business from manufacturers like Cammate & Jimmy Jib.   We operate our jibs with the philosophy of delivering the highest quality shots, no matter how remote or demanding the location. 

Short Reach Packages:  Lens heights between 6’ to 24'. These camera crane packages are designed with compact features and travel logistics in mind and work well with all broadcast & film camera systems. Studio, field, or mobile platforms are available for easy repositioning on a variety of surfaces. Request Quote »

Long Reach Packages:  Lens heights between 8’ to 50'. These camera crane packages are constructed of rigid and reinforced extruded aluminum and designed for maximum reach and load capacities of up to 55lbs at full stick. Broadcast or film camera system ready. Heavy-duty dolly with Pneumatic rubber wheels for interior or exterior use. Request Quote »

All-Terrain Cranes

Jib Tek’s All Terrain Crane Fleet is second to none in providing go anywhere mobile jib platforms. 

Our All Terrain Cranes offer maximum flexibility in mobile jib operation that is unmatched by any other GatorCam on the market. All Terrain Cranes are perfect for demanding productions like live sports coverage, closed courses, expeditions & remote filming locations.  Jib Tek builds the ATC with a double reinforced boom arm and offers multiple cable support options to ensure rigid arm operation in a variety of weather conditions. 

ATC Crab Monster

JIB TEK created this street legal 4x4 camera crane platform for use in hard to reach exterior locations were transporting, operating, and relocating jibs used to seem impossible. The Crab Monster got its name from its extensive use in Dutch Harbor Alaska, on Discovery Channels Deadliest Catch. Street & Off-Road packages Available.  Request Quote »

ATC 6x6 Ax Monster

The Ax Monster was designed specifically for the production team of History Channels Ax Men.  Combining our Rigid Jib Arm Design with a 6x6 wheel drive Polaris Ranger chassis, the Ax Monster can easily traverse a wide variety of landscapes to provide a sturdy & reliable go anyway, level anywhere All Terrain Crane.  Fairway, Extreme Off Road packages Available. Request Quote »

ATC Green Jib

JIB TEK’s signature electric camera crane platform features a 12v power supply for camera & crane operation and a robust 24v power supply for its electric and eco friendly drive system.  ATC Green Jib is perfect for indoor locations like stadiums, sound stages, and event centers where non-toxic emission are essential to using motorized placement and relocation of the camera crane. Request Quote »


Dutch Roll Head

Dutch Roll Cradle is an upgrade you need to create more artistic moves that roll your camera 360 degrees and still achieve 360 degree pan moves at the same time.  Ideal specialty camera tool that helps create varying camera of points of view for concerts, music videos, features films, commercials, and TV productions. Request Quote »

Wireless Follow Focus

Jib Tek offers a variety of wireless follow focus systems for easy application on any of our camera cranes & stabilizers.  Film, ENG, and DSLR pitch gears available. Request Quote »

Trolly Wheels & Tracks

Aerial Drones

Please Connect with Jib Tek to discuss your Aerial Cinematography needs

  • Film & Television Production
  • Search & Rescue Response
  • Forestry & Agricultural Survey

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JIB TEK offers cutting edge camera stabilizing technology with the DJI Ronin. The Ronin utilizes Zen Muse gimbal technologies and brushless motor control for smoothing out camera vibrations that occur in rigorous camera movements. Quick & Easy Setup, tool free adjustments, 1 or 2 person operation, and supports multiple camera systems and lenses. Request Quote »


JIB TEK offers its multidimensional MK-V with Pro-Arm and multiple power tap configurations for use with 12v or 24v camera & Wireless power demands. Whether you're shooting IPHONE or IMAX, JIB TEK will help you determine the right sled for your productions needs. Request Quote »

Gyro Stabilizers

Kenyon handheld camera stabilizer quickly and easily attaches to your camera to help dampen out motor and rotor vibrations permitting lower shutter speeds and longer lenses that can provide greater clarity and an improved recognitions range with complete freedom of movement! Request Quote »


Our diesel powered Hummer H1 camera truck provides a sturdy 4-wheel drive shooting platform that can be easily modified to accommodate all your G&E rigging desires. Custom rigging points in the front, top, and tail of the H1 allow for standard rigging and safety points for camera and lighting applications. The H1 is equipped with an Interior cheese plate rigging system for secure mounting of witness monitors, camera plates, battery chargers, and computers. A built in 2000 watt invertor has plenty of available power for your impromptu video village &/or office. Front and rear decking available for extra shooting platforms or hauling larger equipment & generators. Request Quote »