JIB TEK takes great pride and pleasure in designing and manufacturing custom camera support equipment, custom crane parts, and gimbal  adapters for the modern and modular camera world.  Our products are conceived on set out of necessity and built to rigid standard and precise specifications in order to meet the creative & technical demands of todays filmmaker. We maintain these principles throughout our design and manufacturing processes, no matter the scope of the project. 

Jib Tek offers precision adapters that enable you to safely rig mount your DJI Ronin to Cammate Crane, Jimmy Jibs, a Variety of steadicam Systems, and industry Standard Cheese Plate.

Dove Block - DJI Ronin Adapters

The Dove Block is designed to adapt the DJI Ronin Hand Held Gimbal to a variety of  Film & TV industry specialty camera mounts, like Camera Cranes/jibs, Tripods, Cheese Plates, Car Rig, Aerial Flight Systems, Cable Cams, and many more.

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Jib Tek & CineMatic Solutions introduce the industries only Water Proof Camera Support Saddle, the Dry Hump. The Dry Hump is constructed of a durable water proof material that has traction patterns infused into the material to give your camera a non-slip surface to rest on during impromptu time lapses & low, on the ground POV shots. The Dry Hump can be used on any surface, rough or smooth, dry, or wet and can even float. The Dry Hump features robust rigging loops to securely mount the camera saddle objects like trees, cars, bikes, etc.  The Dry Hump comes in small, medium, and large sizes for use with many industry standard cameras.

Dry Hump

  • Large
  • Small

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Jib Tek Offers custom made Rain / Dust Covers for all Cammate & Jimmy Jib Cranes.

JIB Rain Covers 

Jib Tek Offers custom made Rain / Dust Covers for all Cammate & Jimmy Jib Cranes.

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